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PRINCE ENGINEERING, INC. is a consulting engineering firm specializing in process and piping system analysis and design.  Founded in 1998, we have performed over 750 projects for a variety of clients throughout the Southeast.  Our company is dedicated to providing cost effective, innovative design solutions to industrial clients, construction companies, equipment manufacturers, and other engineering consultants.

Our goal is to use the powerful combination of our experience and our commitment to excellence to provide our clients with the best available solutions to their process and piping needs.

We look forward to providing a cost effective, innovative design solution for your company.

Services We Offer

* Project Scope, Budget, and Schedule Development

* Process Chemical, and Utility System Design

* Jacketed Piping Design

* Flue Gas and Process Ductwork Design

* Process and Utility System Modular Skid Design

* Commercial Swimming Pool Design

* Industrial HVAC and Exhaust System Design

* Industrial Smokestack Design

* Piping Stress Analysis

* Machine Design


In addition to our in-house design services, we have assembled a team of like-minded companies with expertise in complementary design fields. By working with these partners, we can offer fully-integrated services similar to large companies without the associated overhead costs.

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We look forward to providing a cost-effective, innovative design solution for your company.